Group Trainings

Training with football mates has its advantages. This training program is designed to include 4 to 6 players per training who will work together. The training would improve individual player’s techniques and groups tactics and coordination.

Location: Amsterdam (or negotiable)
Coach: Kire Nikolovski
Program duration: Based on client’s preferences
Trainings per day: 2 or 3
One training duration: 120 -150min
Theory: 10-20min
Analysis: daily, weekly and whole training period
Age range: 10-17 years
Price: negotiable



  1. Footwork operation – coordination
  2. Breathing techniques
  3. Movement technique
  4. Pressing play 2:2, 3:3
  5. Finishing with a shot at the goal from different positions with repetitions till automation (addressing special attention to the kicking technique)
  6. Technique on the ground and technique in the air, with and without Mantinela (Soccer Wall) indoors and on the field