About us

First, we want to emphasize gratitude to all the visitors this website. This website is designed to introduce you our work and our goal for the football game. We are two individual football coach Kire Nikolovski (electricity champion) and Zhivan Rakjich (chika hand) Our function is discovering young talent and work with individual players We through our extensive experience (Kire Nikolovski – 12 years Zhivan Rakic – 35 years experience), as individual football coach created their own based on a scientific basis by which the fastest and simplest way to enable football player to remove their weaknesses and to perfect their individual soccer skills at the highest level. Our first goal is the presentation of our method of working with players at the global level and cooperation with all the visitors who have an interest in this new method of individual football work. If you are interested in cooperation, you can contact us through the contact section. The second objective is presenting the vision of Kire Nikolovski by you is given the opportunity to publicly debated through the chat of this website for refinement the football game. You can also join our club through Facebook.