🇬🇧11 Tips and suggestions on how to keep and improve your immunity through individual training

Here are 11 tips and suggestions on how to maintain and enhance your immunity with individual workouts in quarantine period. Like fafa bet The advice is given by the 23-years individual football coach Kire Nikolovski – Struja.

  1. Home- Quarantine Use this situation to create habits to exercise (advice preferably in the morning) back, abdominal in a ratio of 60% -40%. Those who are already exercising – shaft preferably prefabricated in the home.
  2. Family, parents and children are at home and you are together. Transfer your knowledge to your loved ones and enjoy with them.
  3. WORK ON YOURSELF NOW – when you have more free time, exercise your mind and your body, don’t push.
  4. Every Man is UNIQUE in the World, do not compare yourself with anyone else, DO NOT COPY ANYONE. Do not practice what you will find on the Internet and social networks, it is important to practice for yourself.
  5. Set realistic goals and practice and prepare for everything in advance, but always keep in mind that it is important to feel your body and soul and that exercise does not harm them, and you can change the plan when you want, it depends on yourself.
  6. When you can, spend at least 2 hours in nature. Train in nature, run, exercise and be as close to nature as possible.
  7. Football players (Amateurs, Semi-Amateurs, Profi) in this situation with the virus, at least most of them get programs from clubs, coaches for individual training. My advice is if they have the opportunity to invite an assistant, who will motivate them, to measure their realization. Individually work on the START SPEED at 10-15 meters.
  8. Weightlifting is the biggest problem for whole sportists, especifically the football players. Measure yourself every week, cook on your own and experiment in the kitchen, now you have more time.
  9. Practice constantly and keep in shape, but remember, class is eternal and form is changeable.
  10. Balance between work, rest and good sleep. 6-8 hours of sleep is enough plus 1-2 hours on afternoons.
  11. My Individual Football Philosophy is: Education (informations), Nutrition, Training (Competitions) and BALANCE among these 4 things. This is the shortest way to success, which has been tested in Macedonia, the Balkans and Europe – Netherland, Switzerland, Austria.
Interview for www.transfermarket.mk/ 04.04.2020